School System

The mind is like an Umbrella. It functions best when Open.


Each student of the school is a member of one of the four Houses, i.e., Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The House system is an integral part of public schools, and helps in coordinating various activities in the corporate life, and leads to the building up of esprit de corps and camaraderie of a lasting nature among students.

Each House is placed under a House Master and a House Mistress who are directly responsible for the discipline and general well-being of the members of the House. Regular Inter-House competitions are held throughout the year in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which foster healthy competitive spirit. The House vies with one another to keep the house flag aloft and win the coveted House trophy.

We aim to inculcate in students self-discipline, intense perseverance and zeal to excel with all the qualities required to meet the challenges of the modern society. Smartens seek your cooperation and support to achieve the high standards set in for the students. We at Smarten school believe in the holistic development of the child.


The prefectorial system forms the backbone of life in a public school. The initiative and capabilities of individual students are continuously watched and those with inherent or cultivated leadership qualities are selected to the Prefects’ Council. The students’ affairs are managed by this Council, headed by the School Captain and the Head Girl.

At the house level, the House Master/Mistress and tutors assisted by senior students who are selected as House Captains and Prefects, manage the activities of the Houses. The Prefects’ Council is encouraged to manage their affairs independently, under the guidance of the staff members. While the School Captain and Head Girl serve as the link between the school authorities and the students’ community, the House Captains serve as the link between the House Masters/Mistress and the members of the house.