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The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. 

Playgroup (1.8yr – 2.5yr)

The program is selectively designed for the little toddlers who are introduced to the world around them . Focus on language development and social bonding through fun filled activities such as Puppetry , rhyme and rhythm time and story- telling sessions make children feel happy ,confident and settled in new environment.

Pre-Nursery (2.5yr – 3yr)

The program is selectively designed for independent toddlers who are ready to explore the world around them. Theme based activities to introduce various concepts such as colours, fruits, alphabets etc to enhance their creative, sensory and gross motor skill development. Indoor class activity focus on Communication and social skills. Various activities such as Dancing, Yoga, Taekwondo and Skating enhances the overall personality development of the child.We believe that every child has different needs so our curriculum is designed to cater for this.Smart Interactive boards make learning process interesting and fun filled.

We make the child independent and prepare him for tomorrow.

After-School Care (1.8yr – 10yr )

"Our After School programs are selectively designed to supplement the learning a child takes from the formal schooling. With a special need at core, we work to develop the expressive, creative, moral and logical values of your child. Our curriculum is developed by the experts in these domains and has proven record in the industry.

We have listed below our assortment of programs for the age 3-10 years here.

Theatre for Learning(Personality Development)

The power of expressing yourself cannot be undermined in todays world as it helps one to express fearlessly and creatively its talents, feelings and individuality. Strong interpersonal skills and expressive abilities also help build healthy relationships, to appreciate, to value and to accept diversity.

The objective of the program is encourage young children to speak their minds and express their emotions in the best way.

At Theatre of Learning, we provide a lively environment through music, drama, stories and creative crafts. Our teachers encourage innovation and appreciation. Children get an opportunity to act out to interesting stories, perform to music and rhymes, and create exciting masterworks, which help enhance their coordination, communication and imaginative abilities. Use of props, costumes, musical instruments and puppets make the learning process fun and exciting, enabling learning for a lifetime.

The curriculum allows children to imagine, explore, perform and express at their best. Through a unique blend of music, movement, role plays and creative craft activities, children improve their fine motor skills, attentiveness, social interaction and team skills.

The program grooms the children as confident speakers, expressive performers, helping them do away with the fear of stage and/or public and also works on a positive body language.

Creative Spark(Art & Craft)

Our Creative Spark workshops encourage the love for art forms and inspire young minds to become promising artists. The program offers creative learning in a customized, interactive and stimulating environment. We understand the power of freedom, appreciation and recognition, to ignite the spark of our these little creative buds.

Focusing on learning through different creative forms of arts, crafts, model making and games, children will learn academic concepts like body parts, mammals, space, etc., appropriate to their age group.

The learning will not be confined to the professional forms of art but also teach them to creatively use waste materials. The concept of each workshop will build their curiosity for a new subject and inspire them to paint their imaginations and thoughts, expressively and innovatively.

The outcome of the program can be seen in greater inspiration and imagination power in children and enhanced level of comfort with different forms of art and crafts.